Facebook to use face recognition for suggested tags

16 Dec 2010

Facebook will implement face recognition technology to make tagging photos easier on the social networking site.

The face recognition software is used to make tagging suggestions. When a user uploads a photo, Facebook will use this software to match the new photos to other photos previously uploaded.

If it detects a person that was tagged in older photos, it suggests the name of the friend in order to tag them for the user. The technology will also group similar photos together, such as if it contains the same person.

Facebook says it will make notifying users if they’re tagged in a photo a much quicker process, meaning users can untag themselves much faster.

If users are uncomfortable with this face recognition software, they can disable suggested tags by clicking “Customise Settings” and “Suggest photos of me to friends” in the Privacy settings.

It will be implemented in the US in the next few weeks with the rest of the world to follow soon after.