Facebook tops ‘breakaways brands’ list

12 Sep 2011

Social networking phenomenon Facebook has topped a study of brands showing the most sustained growth in strength in the US over the last three years, with Skype and YouTube following in second and third place.

Carried out by WPP-owned Landor Associates and based on three years of consumer survey data from Young & Rubicam’s BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) database, the Breakaway Brands study found that Facebook’s brand strength, in terms of differentiation and relevance, increased by 195pc over the period. Skype’s brand strength grew by 79pc, while YouTube’s was up 78pc.

According to the study: “Facebook destroyed MySpace, growing into the social networking leader as it repeatedly rebuilt the category’s definition – despite angering some with privacy-related missteps along the way. Now an all-purpose media portal for many members, Facebook has supplanted email in terms of user time spent online. Despite recent signs of slowing, member ranks continue to grow along with their engagement with the site: Users increased the amount of time spent on Facebook from two hours a month in 2007 to seven in 2010.”

The other brands that make the top 10 are: Netflix (72pc increase in brand strength), Samsung (66pc), Apple (51pc), iTunes (50pc), Amazon.com (44pc), Reese’s (42pc) and National Guard (35pc).

“This year’s Breakaway Brands share several things in common,” said Mich Bergesen, global director of financial services for Landor. “First, many are digital brands, a trend we’ve seen over the last few years of the study. We know consumers use digital brands extensively, but we believe based on this data, that they are becoming more integral to how we live, chronicle, and archive our lives.

“Additionally, there’s a large group of heritage or category-creating brands. They were first in their category and have continued to set the pace for brands that follow.”

In addition to the 10 brands that made the list, Landor also identified five brands to watch: Firefox (126pc growth); Wolfgang Puck (113pc); Shout (68pc); Michelin (58pc); and PayPal.com (34pc).

Article courtesy of Businessandleadership.com