Facebook’s stealthily released Pages Manager app now top of the charts

17 May 2012

Source: @danielkhanh

With a stealthy trial release, the Facebook Pages Manager app for iOS users has jumped to the top of the Irish app charts.

Earlier today we reported that Facebook was trialling a new Pages Manager app in select regions such as Australia and New Zealand, but some keen-eyed iPhone users let us know that the app is actually available in the Irish App Store – and it’s now top of the free apps chart.

The app, only available on iOS, is similar to the current Facebook app interface, but with additional controls useful for Page managers, such as Insights and statistics on individual posts. This follows Facebook’s recent decision to provide a separate app for its messenger service – a move that pleased those who think the social network’s functions are too vast to condense into one app, but irked those that would prefer to do everything from the one app.

Facebook Page Manager screenshot

The app is available now in the Irish App Store, so even if you don’t see the notification pictured above, you can still download it and have a go.

Initial feedback from our Facebook fans is mixed, but feel free to keep us informed of your experiences with the app over on our Facebook page.

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