Final Cut Pro X arrives on Mac App Store

21 Jun 2011

Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of Apple’s professional video-editing software, is out now on the Mac App Store for €239.99.

The upgraded software is a 64-bit app which works quickly even with 4K video. It uses multi-threaded processing and the GPU for faster rendering in the background and real-time playback performance.

It offers a magnetic timeline, which lets users add and arrange clips with others sliding out of the way.

Final Cut Pro X has a feature called Clip Connections to link primary story clips to elements such as titles and sound effects to keep everything in sync.

Story elements can also be edited as a single clip and the new Auditions feature lets users compare alternate takes by swapping in a collection of clips.

The software also includes content auto analysis, which scans media on import and tags the content. It then organises the clips into smart collections to help users find them by category, such as the framing of the shot and the number of people in the shot.

Final Cut Pro X is available now on the Mac App store for €239.99. Extra tools, such as Motion 5 for motion graphics and Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding, are also available for €39.99 each.