Fingers do walking while iPhone users stop talking

2 Apr 2008

In comparison to the regular mobile phone user who spends 71.7pc of their time on the device chatting, the iPhone owner spends just 46.5pc, preferring instead to use the handset for surfing the web and listening to music.

These figures from the most recent survey by US tech trends firm iSuppli show that US consumers spend on average 12.1pc of their time using the iPhone for the mobile web, while users of other mobile handsets appear more reluctant, only using the net 2.4pc of the time.

While recent figures from Irish firm StatCounter show the Nokia handset is still the mobile web device of choice in Ireland and the UK, the iPhone has only been introduced relatively recently and “is more than living up to its claims of being a user-friendly internet browser, unlike many other mobile phones,” according to Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.

While the iPhone wins out on web browsing and music, it breaks even with other handsets on the texting front but is used far more for emailing. Interestingly, the iPhone user seems to be less likely to play mobile games than the average mobile user.

In other news, it appears the much talked about 3G iPhone is coming on the market, or the US market at least, sooner than previously thought.

BusinessWeek reports that the popular Apple handset is sold out in at least two New York stores, as well as 20 other Apple stores across the US. It says this means the stores will soon be stocking the brand new 3G iPhone. Either that or there is possibly a supply shortage, which is unlikely considering the handset has been on sale in the US since June 2007.

By Marie Boran