Forget work, let’s watch some fantastic Wheel of Fortune clips instead

16 Jul 2015

You know Wheel of Fortune? The long-running TV game show that plays like a glorified game of Hangman as contestants solve word puzzles to win money and prizes?

Viewers on this side of the Atlantic will remember Wheel of Fortune as that thing on ITV that helped launch the TV careers of Nicky Campbell, Carol Smiley, John Leslie, Jenny Powell and Bradley Walsh. It got pulled off British and Irish screens back in 2001 but is still going strong in the US, where it’s been a staple of America’s viewing diet since the 1970s despite being, you know, terrible!

Still, whether it’s an incredible long-shot correct answer, or a mind-numbingly dumb guess, Wheel of Fortune still manages to throw up plenty of “what in the world!” moments. And seeing as we have YouTube now to cut through the show’s fat, there’s no better way to waste your morning than watching a bunch of the very best clips the site has to offer.

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Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic