Foursquare app updates with photos and comments

20 Dec 2010

Foursquare has updated its mobile app, bringing photos and comments to the location check-in service.

The app now includes comments, letting users communicate with friends to let them know if they’re in a location nearby or if they want to recommend something related to the location they are in.

Users can also comment from the Foursquare website or from check-in links posted on Facebook and Twitter. Push notifications can be activated to let users know when friends have commented.

Photos are now featured in the app. Users can now attach photos to tips and venues, such as of the best meals in a restaurant.

There is also a history page on the website, allowing users to see the places they have been to, which saves the comments and photos.

The new Foursquare is available for iPhone devices now and will arrive on Android devices later this week. Palm and BlackBerry devices will get the app in January and other major platforms will receive it in early 2011.

Foursquare also plans to bring in the ability to share photos on Facebook and Flickr, and an easier way to keep track of comments in the future.