Future media moguls can now monetise their own TV and video content

8 Dec 2008

A Limerick-headquartered technology firm that allows users to create their own TV channels has developed a new advertising programme that will turn these users into future media moguls.

WorldTV, which has over 750,000 users in 190 countries, is a next-generation online video service that lets users create full-screen, TV-like channels online.

A user can integrate webcam footage, live mobile phone video and favoured clips from online video sites. A web-based editor allows the channel owner to organise their video content and publish it on blogs, websites and social networks.

The new system introduces advertisements alongside the channels and enables the channel owner to share in 50pc of the advertising revenue the channel generates.

The advertising system is the result of extensive research by WorldTV into effective ways to monetise user-generated content (UGC) video.

The system works by a user entering their Google Adsense details into their channel. The user’s channel then begins displaying ads that rotate alternately between ‘house’ ads and user ads.

If the user has monetary success with their channel, they can upgrade to a 95pc share of the ad revenue by paying a monthly fee.

Founder and CEO of WorldTV, Alx Klive, said: “We’re delighted to introduce a service that puts power into the hands of consumer publishers and enables them to explore all aspects of what it means to run an online TV channel, including commercialising their channel if they wish.”

While the new service is aimed at consumers, WorldTV has also seen interest in its monetisation expertise and ad platform from national broadcasters and publishers including RAI, Schweizer Fernsehen and The Times of India.

“We’re working to develop new and effective models for marketing and commercialising online video,” Klive explained.

“Addressing the two major challenges of bringing awareness of branded content to online video viewers, and monetising content – both branded and UGC, are major focuses for us,” he said.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years