Galway author reveals Google secrets

22 Apr 2004

A new book from a Galway-based internet consultant claims to demystify search engines and offer businesses a reliable means to get their websites listed on all the top search engines.

“What could be worse in the world of internet marketing than having a terrible website? Having a great website that no-one can find!” exclaims Michael Heraghty, managing director of Mediajunk, who has just launched his new book, ‘Website Findability: How to get traffic from Google and other search engines.’

The book is aimed primarily at those who own or work with websites – and want to increase the number of visitors they attract.

In the US, a whole industry has grown up about search engine optimisation, whereby companies can charge substantial amounts of money in return for getting (or sometimes just claiming to get) their clients’ websites ranked very highly on Google and other popular search engines. The book is written in American English to tap in to this lucrative market, with words like ‘period’ used instead of ‘fullstop’. It is also priced in dollars.

Heraghty claims to have spent four years reverse-engineering the leading search algorithms, before deciding to write a book and share his insights with others.

“When you understand how search engines work, and how people use them, you can apply this knowledge to significantly increase the number of visitors to your site.”

‘Website Findability’ takes readers through a step-by-step approach to identifying the most popular phrases that internet users search for, and how to get high positions for those phrases. Its seven chapters cover all the major issues including website planning, web design, page optimisation (the most detailed section of the book), linking to other sites, linking to other sites and increasing and maintaining findability.

The book is available only in electronic format. “I decided against publishing the book in print,” said Heraghty. “By the time it reached the shelves, the content would already be out-of-date. The search engine industry changes from week to week. I update my e-book every six to eight weeks to reflect those changes.”

‘Website Findability’ is available for sale directly from:, priced US$49.50.