Gamergate target Zoe Quinn creates online anti-harassment network

20 Jan 2015

The Crash Override logo

Zoe Quinn, the focus of much vitriol and support for her part in Gamergate, has established an online anti-harassment network that assists and offers support to those affected by online bullying.

Known as Crash Override, the site has been set up in a partnership with game developer Alex Lifschitz.

The network claims to have experts in the fields of information security, white-hat hacking, law enforcement and counselling, among others, with the aim of not just helping those affected by online abuse, but also targeting the ways in which bullies are able to act in such a way.

Last year, Gamergate became one of the most discussed issues online that morphed from claims against Quinn’s profession and her personal life, to one asking about the much wider issue of online abuse, particularly relating to death and rape threats against women.

According to Wired, both Quinn and Lifschitz are the sole funders of the operation, with Quinn quoted as saying her experience of the whole affair – that even saw crowdfunding campaigns drawn up to fund harassment of her and others – taught her much in how to protect others from similar treatment.

“(Crash Override) started out with me thinking very informally, ‘Wow, there are a lot of people who want to help and who have been through this who already reach out and help people they see in similar situations,’” she said in her Wired interview.

Also speaking of the need for an online portal where those being abused could seek assistance, Lifschitz said many of those commenting on issues of cyberbullying may not have been targets themselves, which is why sites such as Crash Override aims to use those directly affected.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic