Gigglebit: 5 GIFs that will make you see Pusheen in a different light

23 Sep 2014

Image via Clare Belton/

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Today, we look at webcomic cat Pusheen’s dark side, as created by users on Something Awful.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Pusheen exists only as fodder for stickers in Facebook’s Messenger, but the pudgy grey cat was actually created by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff as part of the Everyday Cute webcomic and is based on Belton’s own childhood pet. (Fun fact for Irish fans: the name Pusheen actually comes from puisín, which means ‘kitten’ as Gaeilge.)

Somehow, even when she’s up to no good in the GIFs below, this cute round kitty is still utterly adorable.

Pusheen GIF

Pusheen GIF

Pusheen GIF

Pusheen GIF

Pushen GIF

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