Gigglebit: Arnie’s workout wipers

20 Nov 2014

Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Before embarking on a career in movies and, later, politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a hugely successful bodybuilder. Such is his legend, old images of the former Mr Universe can still be seen gracing the cover of many a fitness magazine some 35 years after he departed the industry.

Despite subsequent achievement, some fans’ love of Arnie The Bodybuilder has never dulled, as this short YouTube video testifies. The clip displays the fine work of one motorist who customised his car to memorialise the Total Recall star’s huge pythons. Click below to watch.

Schwarzenegger is prone to the odd viral video and previously made a appearance after going undercover as an instructor and regional manager at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. Hardly a chameleon, it didn’t take long for someone to spot through his rather flimsy disguise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger image via cinemafestival/

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic