Gigglebit: Atlas robot pushes it to the limit with Eighties montage

23 Mar 2015

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Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned robot company, is pretty well known in the circles of tech geeks for their series of quad and bi-pedal robots that seem capable of being able to scale any obstacle.

One of the most recent showcases involved Atlas, the bi-pedal robot that recently became a ‘real boy’ after it was able to cut its strings keeping it from achieving a true independent worker robot.

Or how about Ian, the robot dubbed ‘The Karate Kid’ for its karate performances, although it’s unlikely to win a black belt anytime soon.

So what better way to showcase Atlas’s talents than with an 80s montage played to the soundtrack of Paul Engemann’s Push It to The Limit.

Push it to the limit, Atlas.

Robot workout image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic