Gigglebit: Email and conference calls in real life (videos)

25 Apr 2015154 Views

Email and conference calls in real life

In the future we will look back at things like email and conference calls in the same way as we currently look back on typewriters and fax machines … hopefully.

Let’s be honest, no one in the working world likes email or conference calls. We put up with them because we have to.

Yes they are marvels of our time, but they suck.

They are weapons of tyranny. They are tools that are beloved of office ayatollahs and passive-aggressive wannabes everywhere.

In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi described the lightsaber as “an elegant weapon from a more civilised age”,  not as “clumsy or random as a blaster.”

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Very soon we will look back on things like email and conference calls as “clumsy weapons from a less civilised age”. Because they are prone to blasting and filling our inboxes with random rubbish.

As useful as they currently are – deep down we all know they suck.

Email in real life

Conference calls in real life

Tweets in real life

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