Gigglebit: ‘Science… for Her’ by Megan Amram

13 Nov 2014

Photo by Anatoly Tiplyashin via Shutterstock

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US comedian and actor Megan Amram – she of the famously unflattering Twitter profile picture – has written a book about science just for the ladies. 

For modern women who need to know how to dress for global warming or how to build a biological clock out of a potato, Science… for Her!

But even if you don’t pick up a copy of Amram’s girlified and flawed scientific wisdom, you can at least get a kick out of the book cover, which perfectly parodies women’s magazine covers enticing the reader with ‘Hot Reproductive Sex Tips’, ‘Carbon Dating’ and the ultimate rivalry of ‘Marie Curie vs Marie Claire’.

Science... for Her! by Megan Amram

Main female scientist image via Anatoly Tiplyashin/Shutterstock

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