Gmail iOS app returns after bug fix

17 Nov 2011

The long-awaited Gmail iOS app is back on the Apple app store after it was pulled due to bugs which prevented users from accessing it.

The app was released two weeks ago, seeing the popular email app finally arrive on iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices. Before this, iOS users had to either set Gmail as their default email address, access it through the Gmail mobile site or use an unofficial alternative.

However, there was a major bug in the official app affecting notifications, which caused an error message to display and stopped people from using the app.

Google removed it from the app store in order to fix the bug and it has since returned. It offers new messages with push notifications, autocomplete email addresses and touch control optimisations.

Google also said it has listened to people’s requests for new features since it was uploaded to the app store last week. As a result, it plans to bring additions, such as multiple account support, improved notifications and mobile specific signatures, to the app in future.

Users who downloaded the first version of the app must uninstall it or log out before installing the new one.