Gmail redesign brings better search, improved navigation

1 Nov 2011

Gmail has been redesigned, offering streamlined conversations, HD themes and more advanced search options.

Gmail now has an advanced search panel, letting users refine their searches for emails. They can search based on who sent it, the subject of the email, what words the email has and doesn’t have. They can also search based on whether or not the email has an attachment and can select the time range in which the email was received.

The navigation panel is now more customisable, letting users resize the labels and chat areas. The arrow keys can also be used to navigate this interface.

The spacing of elements on the new Gmail changes automatically, depending on the size of the screen it’s being used on. Users can change this manually, too.

The conversations view now lets users see profile photos from their contacts and removes excessive details to allow users to focus on communicating with friends.

High-resolution images have also been added to the new Gmail for better-looking themes.

The new Gmail will be rolled out to everyone soon, though users can make the switch within a few days by pressing the “switch to the new look” link at the bottom-right corner of the page when it appears.