parent in strategic deal with Google

30 Sep 2011’s parent company Truvo has struck a major deal with Google that will focus on helping Irish businesses advertise via Google AdWords.

Truvo will provide a full service solution allowing small, medium and larger companies the opportunity to focus on their business while taking advantage of the Google AdWords programme.

Truvo provides businesses in Ireland with advice on how to benefit from different advertising solutions via advertising programmes such as Google AdWords.

Firms need to optimise their web presence

“Today, just having a website is not enough to capture the attention of potential buyers,” said Catherine Weadick, marketing manager of Truvo Ireland.

“Websites should be actively advertised. The effective management of a website and advising businesses on how to use Google AdWords to optimise presence in search engines is therefore necessary.

“This is a dynamic process that requires constant attention, not always feasible for a company that must devote its resources to the management of its business. This is where plays an important role for more than 16,000 businesses in Ireland,” she explained.

The new website launched in April is available anytime and anywhere on mobile devices as iPhone, Android, iPad and GPS.

“Golden Pages have been connecting buyers and sellers for more than 40 years,” José Lema, marketing vice-president, Truvo Group, added.

“At Golden Pages, we are continuously looking to improve users’ experience and customers’ satisfaction, taking into account their needs, which are ease-of-use, richness of content, locality, quality of results, relevance and innovative opportunities,” Lema said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years