Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, honoured with Google Doodle

6 Nov 2015

Google is marking the 201st anniversary of Adolphe Sax, the creator of the saxophone, with a new Doodle.

Google is marking what would be the 201st birthday of Adolphe Sax, the creator of the saxophone, with a new doodle that celebrates the instrument that became the defining emblem and sound of the jazz age.

Born on 6 November 1814, Sax was a Belgian inventor and musician. He also played the flute, the clarinet and his other creations include the saxotromba, the saxhorn and the saxtuba.

His parents were instrument designers as well and they made several changes to the design of the horn.

Sax made his own instruments at an early age and his first important invention was an improvement to the bass clarinet design, which he patented at the age of 24.

Adolphe Sax’s 201st Birthday

The saxophone began to gain prominence in the early and mid 20th century, and it remains popular today.

Toned in gold, the Google Doodle celebrates the influence Sax and the saxophone had on the world through a variety of different sketches.

“The Saxophones that were popularised by the likes of John Coltrane, Lisa Simpson and Kenny G constitute only a fraction of his impressive body of work,” Google said.

“From the whimsical looking 7-bell trombone to the large and swooping saxtuba, Sax never tired of exploring, experimenting, and creating new—and sometimes unusual—instruments.”

Saxaphone image via Shutterstock

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