Google creates AdWords credit card for businesses

8 Oct 2012

Google has joined forces with Barclaycard in the UK and Comenity Capital in the US and has unveiled a new credit card that will make it easier for businesses to embark on Adwords campaigns and track their spend.

The move follows the successful pilot of a credit card scheme in the US, which has been used by 1,400 businesses.

From today, UK businesses are being invited to use AdWords Business Credit and more invitations will be issued in the US later this month.

Google has teamed up with Barclaycard in the UK and Comenity Capital Bank in the US to issue the card. Both cards are MasterCards.

“Every day, AdWords enables more than 1m businesses, the majority of which are SMBs, to connect with their customers online,” said Google VP and treasurer Brent Callinicos.

“We hope AdWords Business Credit will give small and medium-sized businesses more flexibility – some ‘extra credit’ – so they’re able to focus on growing their businesses even further.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years