Google Ireland staff makes it onto Street View

11 Aug 2011

The Google Street View car captured the Google Ireland staff outside its European base in Dublin this May while updating images for the street-level mapping service.

The Sociable reports that the images come from outside Google’s two largest Irish offices on Barrow Street – the Gas Works House and its recently purchased office The Montevetro.

A Google spokesperson told that the staff was brought outside due to a fire drill and took the opportunity to refresh the Google Street View images of its Dublin HQ while this was happening. Its older image shows an unpopulated view of the offices, with a vehicle covering the Google sign.

Some of the staff had a bit of fun while being captured for Street View. Highlights include some staff members wearing a full body suit covering their faces, a giant sign for Google apps and someone wearing a horse mask.

The spokesperson added that Google was still driving across Ireland to update Street View. Driving is taking place between 3 March and 30 November of this year. Full details of where the Street View car will be covering can be found here.

A video was also uploaded showing how the shots were taken of the staff.

The updated images of the two Google offices are on Street View now.