Google launches online magazine – Think Quarterly

24 Mar 2011

Google has launched its own online magazine based in the UK called Think Quarterly, describing itself as “a breathing space for a busy world.”

The free online magazine will be released every two months. It’s available directly from its site and can be also shared on mobile phones through QR codes at the back.

The 62-page magazine can be navigated through a traditional flip-through interface, a grid interface providing quick access to each page, through PDF navigation or presentation navigation.

“At Google, we often think that speed is the forgotten ‘killer application’ – the ingredient that can differentiate winners from the rest. We know that the faster we deliver results, the more useful people find our service,” said Matt Brittin, managing director of Google’s UK and Ireland Operations.

“But in a world of accelerating change, we all need time to reflect. Think Quarterly is a breathing space in a busy world. It’s a place to take time out and consider what’s happening and why it matters.”

The first issue of the publication revolves around the concept of data and how businesses can utilise metrics. It also focuses on technologies associated with Google products, such as NFC, viral advertising and search advertising.

It includes an interview with Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence and data expert Hans Rosling.