Google Maps for iOS 6 expected by end of year

6 Nov 2012

Google Maps app on Android

iPhone users operating on the iOS 6 platform may be receiving the gift of Google Maps soon enough. The app, which was removed from Apple’s latest operating system in favour of its own Apple Maps, is reportedly in development and set for release before the year is out.

Despite concerns that the app may not be approved – which were first raised by The Guardian, citing sources inside Google – the most likely scenario is that the app will be accepted to the App Store.

Though the release of Apple Maps and removal of Google Maps on the new platform was a deliberate attempt to oust Google as the dominant navigation app, the inaccuracies discovered within the Apple-branded app saw it widely criticised and led to an open letter from CEO Tim Cook, apologising for the frustration caused by the error-ridden service.

Apple Maps is perhaps Apple’s greatest failure as a product and in his letter Cook admitted defeat, recommending competitor services users should try instead – including Google Maps. It’s most certain that Apple wants to move on from this debacle, and blocking a Google Maps app for iOS 6 will only prolong its embarrassment and aggravate users.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic