Google Play app store makes toolbar debut

27 Mar 2012

Google Play, the rebranded Android app download store, is now gracing the top of the Google browser bar.

Back in early March, Google announced it would be integrating Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore into the cloud-based online platform as a new “digital entertainment destination”.

The new platform lets users find and share music, apps, movies and books through their Android phones or tablets. It also offers the ability to store digital content online.

Google Play, with the tag ‘New’, is now on the blank index bar over and

However, the Google Play service won’t be consistent in every region at the moment, in terms of its digital offerings. For instance, Google said that in the US, music, movies, books and Android apps would be available in Google Play. Meanwhile, in Canada and the UK, Google Play will offer movies, books and Android apps, while in Australia it will offer books and apps. Users in Japan will be able to choose from movies and apps.

For other regions, the service is the new location for Android apps. Google plans to roll out other content to different regions on Google Play across the world as it morphs.

Reports were also circulating last week that Google was potentially going to sell movies for Android devices via Google Play.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic