Google puts a new interface on AdSense

11 Nov 2010

Internet giant Google has revamped its AdSense platform for the 200 million online publishers “looking for the advertising gold on their site.”

AdSense now has more than 2 million publishers in more than 200 countries who use it to fund great online businesses.

“Over the last few years, we’ve invested significantly in improving AdSense so that it provides the best solution to help all publishers make the most money possible from online advertising,” said Jonathan Bellack, director, product management, AdSense.

Google has added a range of new ad formats, including video and rich media, improved publisher filters and has enabled better targeting methods.

The company has also introduced increased competition for publishers’ ad space by bringing in additional advertisers and certified networks.

Tools of the trade

“With this new interface, AdSense is even easier to use, and we’re also providing publishers with all the tools they need to manage and increase their advertising revenue. We used lots of direct feedback from our publishers to make this overhaul.”

Bellack said the new interface will help publishers in three main ways: more insights through graphical reporting so publishers can dice and slice their data; more ad controls for what appears on a site; and a more efficient way to see earnings and payment information and run reports.

“Since we started trialling this new interface, many of our early testers have commented on the power of the reporting tools. They’ve been able to quickly analyse data and identify new trends that help them maximise their online ad revenues through AdSense.

“The new interface is just the latest milestone in our efforts to help you make more money from all your online content,” Bellack said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years