Google shares the love with Super Bowl ad

8 Feb 2010

Google has done the unthinkable and has chosen the offline medium of the Super Bowl at the weekend to play an ad called ‘Parisian Love.’ Why? Because we wanna, says Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

In fact, the 52-second video, which portrays a love story through the medium of Google searches, translations and maps, is the latest in a series of bizarre marketing moves by the company, which include digital Chrome ads on the London underground.

The video has been on YouTube for about three months now, but according to Schmidt, the decision to play it at the hotly sought-after Super Bowl spot was almost whimsical.

“We didn’t set out to do a Super Bowl ad, or even a TV ad for search. Our goal was simply to create a series of short online videos about our products and our users, and how they interact,” Schmidt said on the official Google blog over the weekend.

“But we liked this video so much, and it’s had such a positive reaction on YouTube, that we decided to share it with a wider audience.

“If you like it, too, we hope you’ll watch the others. Enjoy,” he said.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years