Google showcases the possibilities of the Google Maps API (says, ‘naa naa na na naah, Apple’)

4 Oct 2012

While many people use Google Maps directly through, the comprehensive mapping service is also used widely across the web via the Google Maps API. To demonstrate how developers are using the API, Google has launched a new website that seems to say, ‘In your face, Apple Maps.’ uses interactive demos to showcase the various features and services developers can embed in websites and apps using the Google Maps API. The website also features stories from developers using the Google Maps API and a new story will be showcased weekly on Google’s Geo Developers Blog.

This website is now a platform for Google to show developers why its mapping service is better than the alternatives, highlighting recent innovations like Street View that goes beyond the street and the introduction of 45-degree imagery, as well as Google Places, public transport information, live traffic updates and advanced data visualisation.

Launching now, in the wake of the Apple Maps debacle that saw Apple launch a flawed mapping service for which CEO Tim Cook has since apologised, the website also stands for Google’s assertion of dominance in the mapping arena.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic