Google takes on Flipboard with new Currents app

9 Dec 2011

Google has launched a new app in the US called Currents, which lets users read online publications through a touch-based magazine-style format.

The project, initially code named Propeller, aims to take on the likes of Flipboard and Pulse to offer richer functionality when browsing through online publications and news feeds.

The new app includes more than 150 publishers, including CNET, Forbes and The Huffington Post. Their content has been optimised for smartphones and tablets, offering an optimised interface for these platforms.

As well as this, Google is launching a self-service platform to let publishers design and brand their own web content on the service. They can also sync their accounts with Google Analytics in order to read statistics from the Currents app.

Users can choose from the selected publishers or add their own RSS, video and photo readers, as well as Google+ streams and Google Reader subscriptions. There is a trending tab to find related articles and the app syncs content, making it available offline.

The Google Currents app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in the US.