Google to bring AdWords to iPhone, Pre and Android devices

6 Oct 2009

Google says it is investing in new high-end mobile advertising products to make advertising as effective on devices like the iPhone, Android and Palm Pre as it is on PC screens.

Gartner estimates that global sales of smart phones will soar by 27pc in 2009, to 177 million units.

“Naturally, as a result, more and more people are browsing the web on the go,” said Danielle VanDyke, a Google software engineer on the official Google blog.

“Because these devices offer a browsing experience that is similar to desktop computers, advertising on smart phones is a natural extension for any AdWords campaign. However, it’s not always been easy for advertisers to reach people on smart phones.”

VanDyke said Google is investing in new high-end mobile advertising products such as search ad options for high-end phones and AdSense for mobile applications.

“We hope to make advertising on high-end mobile devices as intuitive, effective and user-friendly as our existing AdWords tools.

Google today announced a new feature for AdSense mobile publishers that enables them to serve text and image ads on their sites — specifically on these high-end smart phones. This helps mobile publishers earn revenue and fund more mobile-specific sites and web content.

New features like this help to nurture the smart-phone ecosystem by encouraging the creation of more mobile content and by helping advertisers to grow their businesses by reaching new audiences,” VanDyke said.

“Our users’ experience is also improved, with increasingly relevant and device-optimised mobile ads that load faster and fit better on small screens,” she added.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Google is investing in new high-end mobile advertising products.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years