Google+ traffic dives 60pc

11 Oct 2011

Traffic on Google’s social network Google+ has dropped 60pc since its public launch on 20 September, indicating the internet search giant may be struggling to keep users returning to the service.

The 60pc figure comes from data analytics company Chitika.

Right after its public launch, traffic on Google+ shot up. On 26 September, traffic to the site had increased 1,269pc, but there has since been a steady decline.

Chitika Insights attributes two reasons for the drop in Google+’s traffic, despite the site’s new interface, rapid release of new features and focus on user interaction.

“The supply of users for social media sites is limited. To survive you must stand out and provide a service that others do not,” Chitika Insights said. “Features unique to your site must be just that – unique and difficult to duplicate – if they are not, the competitive advantage quickly disappears.”

In other words, social networking site Facebook may have been offering its users all along what Google+ is offering users. However, Google+ could still be a force for Facebook to contend with, provided it continues to provide new features.