Google turns web upside down with ‘Do a barrel roll’

3 Nov 2011

A search of 'Do a barrell roll' on Google will turn your screen 360 degrees

Something’s going to happen to your search experience in a way you weren’t expecting. Just Google ‘Do a barrel roll’ and see what happens to your screen.

Those folks at Google have come up with something mesmerising. They have planted an Easter egg for the query ‘do a barrel roll’ and the entire screen on your computer will rotate 360 degrees.

Just do a Google search for ‘Do a barrel roll’ and your entire screen does just that.

As in a sort of hat tip to the game Star Fox, you can steer the page by tapping ‘z’ or ‘r’ on your keyboard.

The meme “Do a barrel roll” is spreading like wildfire on Twitter at the moment.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years