How do casinos use technology? (infographic)

9 Sep 2015

Casinos are, understandably, always eyeing up cutting-edge technology, both to stay ahead of the cheaters and keep their customers coming back.

That means that AI, smart technology and IoT have infiltrated casinos from top to bottom.

The one-armed bandit is now well over 100 years old and, since then, plenty has changed.

Poker machines, fruit machines, electronic roulette games galore, you’d be hard pressed seeing anything but technology and machines up and down the corridors of your favourite casino.

Casino technology, more than a game

But it goes beyond that. Facial recognition is used to let casinos know when high rollers are in town. Betting chips are, well, chipped, so you can’t steal them.

Hotel rooms are a complete user experience, Bitcoin is used for buying products and big data is utilised to help casinos customise their customers’ trips, tailoring everything from room temperature to food service.

This infographic from PokerStars handily explains where we are now.

How casinos use technology | Casino technology

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic