How much is that ebody in the window?

6 Apr 2004

In an unashamed publicity stunt for the upcoming eWeek initiative, a former Mr Ireland is to spend a week in the window of Clerys department store in O’Connell Street surrounded by new technology.

The event has drawn obvious comparisons with David Blaine’s 40-day odyssey suspended in a glass box over London Embankment.

Wicklow-born Padraidh Hearns will only have technology – in the form of a mobile phone and internet connection – for company as he spends seven days and nights on full public view. Hearns will use technology to survive, ordering his food and essential items online. Everything will be delivered to him in his mini apartment. He will also have to provide his own entertainment by downloading music and games from the internet.

In addition, Hearns will be required to complete a number of unspecified tasks during his week in the window.

During eWeek, a Dublin Chamber initiative which will run from 26 – 30 April, 10,000 people are expected to attend more than 50 scheduled events, which will take place in Dublin’s Mansion House, Digital Depot, Civic Offices and a number of other locations nationwide. The project is supported by the Government, Eircom, Esat BT, O2 and Oracle.

Speaking at the launch in Clerys, Gina Quin, spokesperson for the eWeek, commented: “eWeek is a national project that will concentrate on the benefits of technology rather than the technology itself. The purpose of the ‘eBody’ project is to demonstrate how much can actually be achieved through the use of simple technology.”

By Brian Skelly