How old do I look? Don’t ask Microsoft…

1 May 2015429 Views

Quizzical chimp, via Shutterstock

Microsoft is currently trolling the internet with a new website that it has just created. Now, by uploading a selfie of yourself, it spouts out an estimate of your age – and it’s terrible.

It’s Friday, so really it’s the ideal website to help pass some fruitless time ahead of a long weekend (if you’re lucky enough to live in a country with a Bank Holiday weekend on the go).

In truth it also provides a key service for society. What happens if you have forgotten how old you are and only have access to a smartphone, a computer and the internet?

The only solution, it seems, is So you can compare yourself to celebrities like Cher (44!), Barack Obama (46), Michael D Higgins (70) or, the winner, Panti Bliss (27).

Cher, 44

Obama, 46

Panti Bliss, 27

It’s quite a discriminatory piece of kit, though, because it refuses to accept that Kermit the Frog has a face.

Kermit, unaging

Although topless Vladimir Putin does look remarkably young. His 30th is going to be a hell of a party.

Putin, 29

In the interest of honesty and forwardness, we had some fun in here too. And also, Microsoft got our ages wrong by a collective 16 years, and discovered that Dean Van Nguyen is but a faceless rabble-rouser.

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Colm Gorey, 28

Colm Gorey: “I am an ageless adonis.”

Elaine Burke, 29

Elaine Burke: “Wow, Colm is an ageless adonis.”

Gordon Hunt, 38

Gordon Hunt: “It’s so hard to find good photographers…”

John Kennedy, 46

John Kennedy: “I dispute these findings.”

Dean Van Nguyen, ageless

Dean Van Nguyen: “Incomputable looks. My face is my shield, my hair is my sword.”


Quizzical chimp image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt is senior communications and content executive at NDRC. He previously worked as a journalist with Silicon Republic.