How selfies impact on popular culture (infographic)

25 Aug 2015

The history of the selfie is a good bit longer than you may have thought. For example, did you know Robert Cornelius got in ahead of the crowd in 1839?

Selfies, the answer to a question nobody asked. However, they are also one of the most successful viral trends since the dawn of the digital revolution.

They stem from way further back, though. Back to the midst of the industrial revolution, actually, with Cornelius definitely unaware of what he was starting.

The true age of the selfie, though, is the past decade.

According to this infographic from Backies, which we saw on Tech Infographics, Australians created the term around the turn of the millennium, no doubt high on the global exposure of the Sydney Olympics.

Now, everyone is doing it, some more than others. Men take more than women, and if you are exactly 23.76 years old you are probably not reading this right now, rather taking a snap of your face, from a height, with a frown.

History of the selfie selfiesMain image via Shutterstock


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic