Hybrid animals, when nature and Photoshop combine

27 Nov 2015

The Penguitten, via Sarah DeRemer Art

All animals alive right now are fit for purpose, in Darwinian terms, as they have all negotiated their way through the ages. But what if we could combine their best attributes?

Artist Sarah DeRemer’s work on the area of hybrid animals is pretty much the best of the best. With just some simple photos of various species around the world, and what looks like exceptional Photoshop skills, she can create what, deep down, we all wish existed.

Think cute dogs, killer whales, monkeys, elephants, hedgehogs and wolves. What do they need? Well, they need additional baboons, foxes, snakes, llamas, giraffes and bats. So behold some of the cutest, creepiest, scariest, coolest creations you never thought possible.

There’s actually a really cool Reddit thread on these masterpieces, with loads more creative minds getting involved. DeRemer’s work is on her Facebook page, with some other great projects like combining animals with fruit.

But, for now, enjoy the hybrids!

Hybrid Animals | Fierce Schnowlzer Hybrid Animals | Birboon Meeraffe The Dainty Humming Box Pandowl The White Tiger Monkey Hybrid Animals | King Charles Spanbull Highland Red Pandow golden snow camel Peruvian Llioma Hybrid Animals | A wolf, leopard, cheetah & tiger. Hybrid Animals  | Hybrid Animals | A Tall Cold Beer, A little pear (penguin bear) Hybrid Animals | The Green Bark Python Hedgippo Labradorca Pandowl

Okay, from the top we have a fierce schnowlzer, a birboon, a meeraffe, a dainty humming box, a white tiger monkey, a king charles spanbull, a highland red pandow, a golden snow camel, a peruvian llioma, some really cool combination of wolf, leopard, cheetah and tiger, a bull mastiff walruss thing, a buckarrow, a tall cold beer, a little pear, a green bark python, a hedgippo, a labradorca and a pandowl.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic