iAd heading to iOS devices in Europe

18 Nov 2010

Apple is set to bring its iAd mobile advertising network to Europe soon, letting advertisers market their products to iPhone and iPod touch users.

iAd has been built into iOS 4, which lets app developers display ads within the app. Brands such as L’Oreal, Renault, Louis Vuitton and LG Display will have their products advertised on the service.

iAd has seen success in the US, with, according to Advertising Age rankings, half of the top 25 leading US advertisers signing on in four months.

Developers who join the iAd Network can use it to incorporate numerous advertising formats into their apps. They will also receive 60pc of the iAd Network revenue, paid through iTunes Connect.

While it may not be fantastic news for users, it’s positive for both developers and advertisers. Developers can earn more revenue by including adverts in apps and marketers can advertise their products through new streams.

Apple has said the UK and France will get iAd first from December and Germany will follow in January. There’s currently no word on when iAd will be seen in Ireland, but we’ll keep you posted.