IDA Ireland’s iPad app maps Ireland’s business landscape for potential investors

4 Jul 2013

Ireland’s inward investment agency IDA Ireland has launched a new iPad app that makes it easier to research and investigate Ireland’s business landscape.

The app is intended as a tool for executives researching key operations in Ireland and helps them to research the business and cultural aspects of doing business in Ireland.

The landscape app is broken into three key sections: Companies, Places and a section to gather notes on companies being researched.

The Companies section contains information on the companies that have based themselves in Ireland and business leaders researching potential customers, or indeed executives researching future places of work, can match the DNA of their companies with similar companies that operate successfully from Ireland.

The Places section provides a map view of the cultural and business landscape of Ireland and would help executives choose a location for their enterprises in terms of aspects such as education, real estate, infrastructure, companies, transport and attractions.

The app’s Notes is a place where executives can make notes, record information or take photos of places or companies of interest in Ireland.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years