In-game ads boost brands’ ‘cool’ factor

8 Aug 2007

Dynamic in-game advertising increases brand familiarity by a staggering 64pc, according to a new study by global research company Nielsen.

The research used advertising campaigns from blue chip brands ranging from automotive products, consumer packaged goods, technology tools and fast food companies, and placed them into a popular computer game.

Over 600 gamers from the US participated in the study, all playing Need For Speed Carbon on either the Xbox or PC.

Those who were exposed to ads provided by Massive Inc, owned by Microsoft, on average rated the brands 37pc higher than those in the control group.

Interestingly the gamers who saw ads placed in the game were 41pc more likely to buy products from the brand than those who had not seen the ad.

Because of the fact that the ad appeared in-game as opposed to on TV, there was a 71pc increase in the perception that the product, such as snack food, was a ‘cool brand’.

The fast food ads that appeared in-game had the effect of increasing the amount of people who like the fast food a lot or a little by 39pc.

“The results of this research prove what we’ve seen in more limited studies over the past three years,” said Cory Van Arsdale, CEO of Massive.

“As marketers struggle to stand out in cluttered media forms, the Massive network provides both a deeply engaged audience and sophisticated capabilities for creative execution and delivery, resulting in memorable, positive impressions among highly desirable demographics.”

By Marie Boran