In Japan, there was a robot wedding and no one looked baffled

6 Jul 2015

We may soon have to add robots to the list of disenfranchised groups who need to fight to have their right to marry recognised after two robots in Japan ‘decided’ to get married in front of a rather bemused crowd.

In this case, it was the hilarious-looking Froin robot, which looks like one of those camp ’50s robot designs, who wanted to marry Yukirin, the more human-like, animatronic female robot.

In a somewhat creepy way, Yukirin is based off a real-life Japanese pop star, Yuki Kashiwagi, who is revered as something of an idol in her native lands, so it must have been weird seeing her android copycat marry a rubbish bin with arms and legs.

It was certainly a showcase, with robot groomsmen doing some dancing beforehand.

The guests of this bizarre wedding were even able to sample the wedding buffet just like a real one.

Frankly, there’s no real sense as to why this happened bar it being a publicity stunt, but the whole day must have taken its toll on poor Yukirin, who had to be carried out by her handlers because, well, she can’t walk.

Stay tuned for the inevitable show, Robot Wars: Divorce Court.

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Robots in love image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic