Indoor cycling, a sport mental enough to suit YouTube

26 Jun 2015

Every now and then you hear of a new sport. Something that uses words you are aware of, in an order you are aware of, but means something you were entirely unaware of. Enter the world of indoor cycling.

For instance, within the indoor cycling world there is synchronised cycling, which sees foursomes do a load of wheelies, pairs cycle around on one wheel and even some really bizarre balancing on each other’s shoulders.

It’s officially called Artistic Cycling, and is a sport now 60 years old. It’s big in Germany, where 10,000 people are “licence holders”, whatever that means.

“This sport is comparable to ice-skating and artistic gymnastics,” according to the UCI. “The competitors (individuals or pairs) present a five-minute programme set to music. The jury awards marks for the quality of the performance.”

This strand of indoor cycling is as impressive as it is awkward, but perhaps not the weirdest example of bikes entered into non-bike sports.

For that look no further than bicycle football, officially called Cycle-Ball. This is just for men, although I’m not sure what precludes women – there’s nothing obvious, anyway.

It’s incredible and easy to explain. A load of players, on bikes, compete to score goals. The goalkeepers are on bikes, blocking most of the goal, and you have to hit the ball with your wheel, obviously.

Just watch:

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic