Are you an Instagram Husband? There’s a support group for that

10 Dec 2015

It’s something we’ve all wondered when scrolling through Instagram: just who is taking all those artfully-shot photos of pretty, fashionable people leaning against brick walls? And now we may have an answer – the Instagram Husbands.

“Are you the designated photographer for your Instagram Wife?”, Instagram Husbands asks. “Is your photo thumb calloused and/or blackened with wear? Do you suffer from uncontrollable bodily twitches when you hear any mention of the words: selfie, brick wall, puppy, succulent, the food has arrived, shoes, it’s snowing out?”

Or, more simply, does anything in this video strike a little too close to home?

Then you may be an Instagram Husband, and there are people who can help.

First it’s important to identify whether or not you’re an Instagram Husband. If you are, the group offers resources from medicines to spiritual practices, and guidance on how to snap your Instagram Wife out of their dark spiral into obsession.

This help isn’t just available for the men out there. The Instagram Husbands’ support group – which you can find on Tumblr (of course) at – makes it clear that this issue is not confined to age, gender or marital status.

“Anyone can be stricken as an Instagram Husband, including boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, or sons and daughters … Instagram Wife is also gender-, status-, and age-neutral.”

Instagram Husbands comes to us from The Mystery Hour, a pre-shot live comedy improv show airing on Fox.

While Instagram Husbands is all an elaborate plot to promote the Mystery Hour show, we feel it’s a serious issue that warrants introspection and thought.

If you are an Instagram Husband, please seek help.

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Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic