Internet Explorer usage drops while Chrome grows – research

3 Jan 2012

Internet Explorer’s user share dropped in December 2011, while Chrome’s share increased, according to statistics from web-browser usage trackers.

StatCounter’s figures say that while Internet Explorer still is the most-used browser, its share dropped from 40.63pc in November to 38.65pc in December.

Firefox remained steady at 25.27pc while Chrome increased from a 25.69pc share in November to 27.27pc in December.

Meanwhile, a separate web browser usage tracker, Net Applications, also showed that Internet Explorer’s share dropped while Chrome’s increased.

Its figures differ to StatCounter’s, saying that Internet Explorer’s share dropped from 52.64pc in November 2011 to 51.87pc in December. Meanwhile, Chrome’s increased from 18.18pc in November to 19.11pc in December.

Net Applications’ statistics on Firefox’s growth trends are also different, saying its share dropped from 22.14pc to 21.83pc over this period. It also states that Firefox is still used more than Chrome, while StatCounter’s figures say that Chrome overtook Firefox in November. However, if Chrome’s usage continues to grow as it has, it may soon overtake Firefox on Net Application’s tracker.

While the exact figures of both trackers vary, the trends for Internet Explorer and Chrome are the same. In fact, throughout 2011, both trackers show that Internet Explorer usage has declined while Chrome has grown.