iPad owners are mostly young, male and susceptible to advertising

30 Sep 2010

Apple iPad owners tend to be younger men and are more receptive to advertising than most. Nielsen research surveyed more than 5,000 owners of mobile devices, which included the Kindle, smartphones, netbooks and the iPad.

Four hundred of those polled owned an iPad, with the majority of these users being young men – 65pc were male and 63pc were aged 35 and younger.

However, these users were not among the wealthiest of respondents. It was Kindle users who fell under that title, with 44pc of owners of the e-reader earning $80,000 or more.

Some 39pc of iPad owners fell under that bracket and 37pc of iPhone owners earned that amount, too.

iPad owners were more likely to interact with an ad, saying they found ads on the tablet to be “new and interesting.”

Forty-six per cent of these owners said they like ads with interactive features, compared to 27pc of other connected device owners.

These owners were more likely to buy something based on advertising found on the iPad.

With such a large percentage of iPad owners being so responsive to advertising on the iPad, this could be a lucrative area for marketers to follow up when moving into new media to advertise products.