iPhone named most social brand – again

10 Jan 201127 Views

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Apple’s iPhone has notched up its third consecutive year as the most social brand on the Vitrue 100 list.

The list is compiled by analysing online conversations on a daily basis across social networks blogs, microblogs, photo and video-sharing sites using the Vitrue Social Media Index (SMI).

According to Vitrue, there was an increase in social buzz around consumer electronics goods in 2010, with 30pc of the brands that made this year’s list coming from that category. The next most popular category was fashion and retail, with 20pc of the brands coming from this group.

Vitrue said 2010 was the year of the deal, with an increase in retailers using social media to share deals from Foursquare check-in incentives, daily deals like LivingSocial, Scoutmob and Groupons, Twitter’s Earlybird, Facebook couponing and the new Facebook Deals with Places.

The Gap appears on the Vitrue 100 at No 91, with three social buzz moments in 2010: the first national retailer to utilise a Groupon in August, The Gap logo change in October, and using Facebook Places to distribute a nationwide check-in deal.

The brands with the biggest gains of the year are AT&T and Visa, which each jumped 45 spots from last year. Vitrue quotes Ad Age as reporting that AT&T last summer started addressing customer service mentions of the brand on social sites by growing a team of five people to 19 dedicated to managing their social networks (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). 

Visa, meanwhile, was a title sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Vitrue noted that the global nature of the event made social an efficient and effective medium for awareness building. The company placed significant resources into social, mainly Facebook and YouTube. Visa developed numerous Facebook and YouTube campaigns — like ‘Go Fans’ and ‘Visa Match Planner’ — that generated tremendous buzz worldwide around the world’s biggest sporting event.  And it made all its promotions and social efforts available in multiple languages.

The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010

1.    iPhone

2.    BlackBerry

3.    Disney

4.    Android

5.    iPad

6.    Sony

7.    Apple

8.    MTV

9.    Coca-Cola

10. Samsung

11. Ford

12. Mercedes

13. BMW

14. Starbucks

15. iPod

16. ABC

17. Xbox

18. NBA

19. CNN

20. Honda

21. Dell

22. Amazon

23. Hewlett-Packard

24. Nike

25. Nokia

26. Playstation

27. Ferrari

28. Wii

29. eBay

30. Nissan

31. Microsoft

32. AT&T

33. iTunes

34. Adidas

35. Audi

36. NFL

37. Nintendo

38. Red Bull

39. Best Buy

40. Toyota

41. Gucci

42. Visa

43. Victoria’s Secret

44. Disneyland

45. Suzuki

46. LG

47. Fox News

48. Zara

49. Volkswagen

50. Turner

51. Converse

52. Dodge

53. CBS

54. General Motors

55. ESPN

56. Panasonic

57. Porsche

58. NBC

59. Chevrolet

60. Target

61. Jeep

62. Kia

63. Intel

64. Subway

65. NHL

66. McDonald’s

67. Pandora

68. Major League Baseball

69. Sprint

70. Puma

71. Harley Davidson

72. Pixar


74. REI

75. Walmart

76. Mac

77. Discovery Channel

78. H&M

79. Philips

80. Pepsi

81. Prada

82. T-Mobile

83. Skittles

84. Burberry

85. Verizon

86. Louis Vuitton

87. Motorola

88. Krystal

89. IKEA

90. IBM

91. The Gap

92. Sears

93. Armani

94. Cisco

95. Zappos

96. American Express

97. Hurley

98. Oracle

99. Netflix

100. TBS

Article courtesy of Businessandleadership.com