Irish generate the highest ticket value per Facebook ‘share’ about events (infographic)

25 Oct 2012

The value of a social ‘share’ via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has risen 81pc worldwide since 2010, according to online ticketing player Eventbrite. Ireland has the lowest share rate worldwide, but its social media users generate the highest number of euros per share at €7.96 on Facebook and €6.93 on Twitter in terms of additional ticket sales.

According to Eventbrite’s social commerce study of the revenue and traffic benefits when people share events on social networks, the amount of traffic to websites generated by social shares has risen 59pc since 2010.

Facebook shares drive the most revenue per share and the highest yield worldwide.

In the US, the value of a share on social media stands at US$4.20 for Facebook, US$1.66 on Twitter and US$0.67 for LinkedIn.

Looking at activity on Eventbrite, the Italians share the most, at a rate of 14pc, while the Irish and the Australians share the least at 7pc.

When it comes to sharing events created on Eventbrite, the data shows that UK users click on their friends’ links the most. Every time that someone in the UK shares an Eventbrite link on Facebook, 22 of their friends and contacts click on the link.

On average, every Facebook share in Canada drives US$4.51 in additional ticket sales, while Canadian tweets drive US$2.97 and LinkedIn shares drive US$3.13 per share.

“Because events are inherently social, it’s not surprising that we see a compound effect of sharing,” explained Eventbrite marketing chief Tamara Mendolsohn.

“And it’s interesting to see the values and traffic driven from a share continue to rise despite the increase in volume of sharing across social networks.”


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years