Irish girl Niamh Scanlon up for European Digital Girl of the Year

16 Nov 2015

Niamh Scanlon is in line for the prestigious European Digital Girl of the Year award

13-year-old coder Niamh Scanlon has been named a finalist for the European Digital Girl of the Year award, with the regular columnist down to the final two.

One year on from Lauren Boyle’s fantastic winning of the same award, Niamh Scanlon’s already extensive history in coding is clearly standing her in good stead.

Due to give a keynote at next summer’s Inspirefest, Scanlon’s portfolio is incredibly well stocked for someone of such a young age, with the winner of the European Digital Girl of the Year title announced on 14 December.

Scanlon learned to code at CoderDojo when she was nine, moving on to website design and app development soon after.

Scanlon’s site was set up a few years ago to help fellow young coders around Europe to hone their craft. She was 11 at the time. She also developed an award-winning app to help the drivers of electric cars.

For three years, Niamh has mentored at CoderDojo in DCU, where she helps others learn how to code, and she’s a member of the Digital Youth Council.

Scanlon has been a regular guest columnist with in the past, documenting her experiences at Girls Hack Ireland back in March, and Outbox Incubator in August.

Here is an interview with Scanlon from earlier this year.


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