Irish guitar heroes’ musical invention rocks the rock crowd

16 Oct 2009

Having launched to great acclaim at the Hot Press Music Show in Dublin last weekend, it has emerged that the revolutionary iTab player for budding rock stars is to launch in the US at NAMM, one of the world’s leading music trade shows.

“We tested the marketability of our products at The Music Show Dublin and the reaction was simply phenomenal,” Gerry Forde, sales director of iTab, explained.

With a 5-inch touchscreen tab player, the iTab scrolls the lyrics and chords of a song in perfect time, enabling musicians to learn new material, and the accompanying instrumental parts, really smoothly.

The idea behind the iTab is that, in the long run, it should eliminate the need for printed tabs, and ensure that forgotten lyrics and chord confusion become a thing of the past.

More of what iTab offers

The iTab also plays backing tracks and tuition videos, making it a real boon for learners, as well as for professionals wanting to brush up on their skills, or simply organise their songs in playlists and have them prompted on stage.

iTab Ltd is an Irish company based in Maynooth, Co Kildare.

“The iTab stand was one of the highlights of a fantastic show,” Hot Press editor Niall Stokes said.

“It was constantly packed with players, checking the iTab’s capabilities. It really is a brilliant piece of new-era music technology that will capture the imagination of musicians, especially the younger ones who are learning their craft. I think it’s going to be huge,” Stokes said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The iTab scrolls lyrics and chords of a song.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years