Irish mapping service available on Facebook

23 Aug 2007, an Irish company that enables users to create custom maps for their websites or blogs, has announced it is making its service available on Facebook.

Users of the popular social networking site will from today be able to put their own custom maps on their profiles.

“Web usage statistics show that Facebook is the hottest place to be at the moment, with people spending more and more time there connecting with actual people and ignoring traditional websites and blogs,” said Vinny Glennon of “We’re bringing our service to where the people are at, not expecting them to come to us.” allows people to create maps using Google, Yahoo! or MSN and save the map with a simple address (eg The user can embed this map on their website, blog or FaceBook profile for free.

The maps are useful for events and for simple driving instructions to and from your saved location, the company said.

Commenting on Google’s decision this week to allow their maps to be embedded, Glennon said: “We were a year ahead of Google when it came to embeddable maps and we think as a small company with lots of ideas we can always be a year ahead of them for many other features too. Google has become too big to turn a good idea into a workable product in a short timeframe whereas we are far more flexible and in the modern web world that’s what people want.”

Over 100,000 maps have been generated on the website over the last five months.

By Niall Byrne