Irish marketers plan to spend more on email

20 Jun 2008

Over half of Irish marketers plan on increasing expenditure on email marketing over the next year, research by email marketing provider Newsweaver has found.

The company’s Email Marketing Insight report, compiled in conjunction with the Marketing Institute of Ireland, found that 78pc of Irish marketers consider email as either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their overall marketing strategy.

Some 55pc said they intend to increase spend on email marketing over the next 12 months.

“While desktop solutions do meet the needs of a very basic email campaign, they do not allow for any tracking, segmentation or personalisation and may be creating delivery problems that marketers are not aware of,” claimed Andrew O’Shaughnessy, CEO, Newsweaver.

O’Shaughnessy welcomed the signs that marketers are looking to increase expenditure on email marketing and expand their use of it.

“We have seen our clients take a more advanced approach to their email as they realise the benefits of tracking, segmentation and personalisation,” he said. “The real value of email marketing is in the ability to track how recipients interact with your email and use this information to further refine and improve communications.”

Inbox overload’ and ‘spam eroding trust in email’ was cited by most of the 628 marketers surveyed as the biggest challenge for email marketing.

By Niall Byrne